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(Lipides Thérapeutiques / Lipids for Therapeutics)

The objective of LipTher is to produce at a large scale a lipid of nutritional and therapeutic value called AceDoPC®. Its 2D and 3D structure is shown below.


molleculemollecule 2

Hachem M, Géloën A, Lo Van A, Foumaux B, Fenart L, Gosselet F, Da Silva P, Breton G, Lagarde M, Picq M, Bernoud-Hubac N. Molecular Neurobiology 2016.

AceDoPC® is a phospholipid bearing one omega-3 fatty acid from marine origin, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is essential to the brain functions. This phospholipid is a stabilized form of a natural one, unstable (lyso-phospholipid), present in blood, and responsible for the brain DHA accretion.

DHA is crucial for the brain development, learning ability and memory functions. On the other hand, a brain deficit in this omega-3 fatty acid has been reported in the brain of subjects suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

AceDoPC® has been proved to be as efficient as the natural circulating DHA-containing phospholipid to provide the brain with DHA, and exhibits other biological potential such as aspirin related effects.